Eric Bischoff Speaks on CM Punk's Possible WWE Comeback

Stunning turn of events reshapes wrestling's dynamic landscape.

by Noman Rasool
Eric Bischoff Speaks on CM Punk's Possible WWE Comeback
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In a shocking twist to the professional wrestling landscape, AEW President Tony Khan announced last weekend that former AEW World Champion CM Punk (Phil Brooks) has been released from his contract. The release follows a heated backstage altercation between Punk and Jake Perry, culminating in a face-off with Khan.

With the unexpected turn of events, wrestling enthusiasts and insiders are rife with speculation about Punk's next move. Notably, the WWE Universe is abuzz with rumours of a potential return for the former WWE Champion, who made headlines in 2014 when he left the company under controversial circumstances.

One voice adding depth to these discussions is Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff. On his podcast, Strictly Business, Bischoff delved into the possibility of WWE's interest in re-signing Punk. While many believe that past differences could be a hindrance, Bischoff thinks otherwise.

"The culture in WWE, I don't believe, is such that Punk has irreparably burned bridges," said Bischoff.

.Bischoff on Punk's Approach

According to Bischoff, the crux of the matter is how Punk would position himself if he decided to engage with WWE.

"It could be perfect if Punk approaches WWE the right way," Bischoff opined. However, he quickly highlighted that Punk must confront and address his past personal issues for successful collaboration. Addressing Punk's potential motivations, Bischoff said, "It all boils down to Phil Brooks' self-awareness and objectives.

Maybe his recent stint in AEW has added enough to his coffers that he may choose to distance himself from the ring." With Punk now a free agent, the wrestling world watches with bated breath. Will the WWE Universe once again chant "CM Punk"? Or will Brooks carve a different path for himself? As the story unfolds, the potential for a captivating next chapter in Punk's illustrious career remains high.

This development adds another layer to the ever-evolving tapestry of professional wrestling, reminding fans that, in this world, expect the unexpected.

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