Bryan Danielson's AEW Wrestling Future Revealed!

Danielson's heartfelt revelation stirs AEW fans worldwide.

by Noman Rasool
Bryan Danielson's AEW Wrestling Future Revealed!
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Two years have flown by since Bryan Danielson famously recognized as WWE's "Daniel Bryan", decided to flip a chapter. Leaving behind over a decade of legacy in WWE, where he celebrated five World Championship titles and headlined WrestleMania twice, Danielson opted for a fresh journey in AEW under his real name.

His WWE tenure, undeniably hallmarked by significant achievements, solidifies his position as a future Hall of Famer. As he stands on the precipice of concluding a career spanning two decades in pro-wrestling, Danielson's contemplations about his future became the spotlight during AEW Collision in Cleveland.

At 42, with the weight of experience behind him, he's understandably nearing his wrestling twilight.

Family First for Danielson

Sharing candid insights about his personal life, he highlighted the promises made to his family.

Married to WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella and father to their two children, Danielson's commitment to family is evident. "I promised my daughter I'd end my career when she turns seven. Given she's six now, the clock is ticking," he shared with a heartfelt earnestness.

Yet, in the same breath, he added, "But expect me to give my all. If you're anticipating a quiet exit, you're mistaken. This year will be the pinnacle of my career if it's to be my last." Confirming the winds of change, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated relayed that insiders have substantiated Danielson's comments.

Sources suggest that Danielson may transition to a part-time wrestling role after his present AEW contract, which has roughly a year left (subject to extension for unforeseen circumstances like injuries). Beyond the ring, it's anticipated he will leverage his rich experience, playing a pivotal role behind AEW's curtains.

The prospect of Danielson taking on a dual role — occasional wrestler and potential backstage strategist — is undoubtedly tantalizing for AEW fans. As this chapter in Danielson's career looms closer to its end, the wrestling world watches with bated breath to witness how the final act of this legend unfolds.

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