Bully Ray Commends WWE Creative for Evoking a Spectrum of Emotions Recently

Wrestling narratives take a deep dive into emotional storytelling.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Commends WWE Creative for Evoking a Spectrum of Emotions Recently
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The recent September 4 episode of WWE Raw unveiled an unexpected twist in the narrative that drew a spectrum of emotions from fans and critics alike. The team at "Busted Open Radio" was no exception. Mark Henry, visibly moved by the climactic match between Chad Gable and Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, was brought to tears.

In contrast, Bully Ray showcased a different, more compassionate side when reacting to a backstage sequence that presented Dominik Mysterio and Jey Uso. Despite Dominik Mysterio's reputation of being universally loathed, with fans vocally booing him at every opportunity, his recent interaction with Jey Uso displayed a more vulnerable side of his character.

Bully Ray commented on the heart-rending exchange: "[Dom is] hated, absolutely hated, gets booed out of the building — but now he's tugging at your heartstrings." This sensitive portrayal seems to have created a paradoxical empathy from Bully Ray towards Mysterio's character.

Uso's Spectrum of Emotions Raw Debut

Since his debut on "Raw," Jey Uso has been met with a kaleidoscope of reactions from fellow wrestlers. While Sami Zayn greeted him warmly, many others confronted him with hostile, judgmental stares.

Yet, in this whirlpool of mixed responses, Mysterio chose a path less taken - one of understanding and empathy. Advocating for Uso to join 'The Judgment Day,' Mysterio highlighted the shared hardships in their past, including their tumultuous family histories and legendary fathers.

It's this depth in the narrative that Bully Ray attributes to the success of such wrestling segments. "See what happens when this is done the right way? Then, when it's all over, you're saying to yourself, 'Did I feel bad for him? I despise Dom Mysterio.'

This underscores the pivotal role of emotion in wrestling. It's not about connecting to a move, but about forming an emotional bond," remarked Ray. As the dynamics continue to evolve on "Raw," Mysterio extended an olive branch, reiterating that 'The Judgment Day' stands ready to support the erstwhile Bloodline member, Jey Uso, as he navigates the challenges of Monday nights. It remains to be seen if Uso will accept the intriguing proposition.

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