AEW's Bowens: Message for Kanyon and Wrestlers on Coming Out

Acceptance in wrestling shines: Bowens speaks on personal journey.

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Bowens: Message for Kanyon and Wrestlers on Coming Out
© Anthonny Bowens/Youtube

AEW wrestler Anthony Bowens recently opened up about the heart-rending journey of the late Chris Kanyon, emphasizing the difficult times the latter faced in coming to terms with his identity amidst a less accepting era. Bowens recognized as one of the openly gay professional wrestlers of our time, sheds light on Kanyon's internal struggles during an intimate conversation with "Out" magazine.

At a time when acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community in pro wrestling was still a distant reality, Kanyon found himself caught in a vortex of societal expectations and self-acceptance. Anthony Bowens acknowledged the suffocating grip of homophobia that Kanyon faced during his prime years.

Reflecting on Kanyon's life, Bowens stated, "While I can't pinpoint the exact words I'd share with him, I sincerely hope he'd see and acknowledge the strides we've taken. Delving into his memoirs and hearing tales of his agonizing experiences, especially as they culminated in him tragically taking his own life, is a chilling reminder of how essential acceptance is."

Bowens' Candid Reflection

Bowens, who himself has been candid about his journey of self-acceptance, offers a poignant perspective on Kanyon's story.

The wrestling community's shift towards embracing queer individuals has been a silver lining. Bowens can attest to this evolution firsthand, recounting his warm reception following his impactful "I'm Gay" promo. "I fervently wish Kanyon was still with us to witness the love and acceptance that's become more prevalent in today's wrestling world," Bowens expressed.

"The sheer joy of immersing oneself in the sport, without the weight of societal prejudice, is something I cherish each week." It's important to remember that Chris Kanyon, a pivotal figure in both WCW and WWE, faced an uphill battle with acceptance during his lifetime.

Sadly, his internal struggles culminated in his untimely passing at 40 in 2010. Bowens remains hopeful, trusting that wherever Kanyon might be, he sees the positive change and smiles upon a world more accepting than the one he left.