Cathy Kelley's Initial WWE Departure Explained

Cathy Kelley's journey in WWE reveals untold struggles.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cathy Kelley's Initial WWE Departure Explained
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Cathy Kelley, a familiar face to WWE fans, retook centre stage last October as the backstage correspondent for "WWE Raw." This return marked a significant milestone, especially considering her past with the company. Kelley first joined WWE in 2016, taking on the role of backstage correspondent for "WWE NXT".

But by 2020, she decided to bid the company farewell. In a candid chat with Ryan Satin on the "Out Of Character" podcast, Kelley unveiled the emotional backdrop to her departure. "At my departure, I hinted that I was leaving to explore other opportunities.

Reflecting upon that, I believe I could've explored those opportunities while participating in WWE. However, my mental and emotional well-being was at stake," Kelley revealed. She discussed her personal battles, saying, "My journey with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks commenced during my high school years.

The period leading to my 2020 exit was challenging."

Kelley's Bold Moves

Always proactive, Kelley sought avenues to rejuvenate her professional profile. She ventured into developing live content for WWE's social platforms and even switched up her look, transitioning from brunette to blonde.

Despite these efforts, she felt her professional growth was at a standstill. With aspirations of serving as a backstage correspondent for flagship shows like "Raw" or "SmackDown", Kelley felt the top brass wasn't noticing her.

Recalling one of her memories, Kelley said, "I vividly remember a chat with Michael Cole. He wasn't directly supervising me then, but it was heartbreaking after my consistent contributions to 'NXT' and being told a promotion wasn't on the horizon." However, life has a way of coming full circle.

Today, Kelley is back with WWE, fulfilling the role she had always envisioned for herself. Her journey reflects the challenges and perseverance inherent to the professional wrestling industry, inspiring many.

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