WWE's Matt Riddle Investigated for Airport Incident

McGuinness opens up on wrestling readiness and inspirations.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Matt Riddle Investigated for Airport Incident
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As the wrestling world continues to reel from the grandeur of AEW's UK debut at the illustrious Wembley Stadium during the "All In" event, many speculated on the possible return of veteran wrestler Nigel McGuinness to the squared circle.

After over a decade since hanging up his boots, there were whispers that he might finally step back into the limelight. However, a recent exclusive interview with "Metro" revealed that the dream face-off with Bryan Danielson, also known as "Clamdigger Brittle Danielson" lately, was shelved due to Danielson's unforeseen arm injury.

In his conversation, McGuinness shared, "There was considerable buzz, especially among top-tier discussions about a prospective bout." But Danielson's unfortunate incident means that fans might have to wait longer. "Such is life", lamented McGuinness, though he cherishes his role at the All In commentary desk as one of his career's significant highlights.

McGuinness's Fitness Journey

The veteran wrestler emphasized his readiness and prime physical shape, making straightforward that a comeback yearning didn't drive his preparation. Intriguingly, Bryan Danielson sparked his motivation to regain in-ring fitness, regardless of any eventual matches.

McGuinness expressed, "Training has been a journey, often painful, but knowing I possess the ability to wrestle if needed? That's a badge of honour." Reflecting on the once-possible bout with Danielson, McGuinness painted a vivid picture, describing it as "a fleeting moment in the cosmos, akin to glimpsing an alternate reality." He remarked that Danielson's arm injury "sealed that alternate gateway" but remained optimistic about future possibilities.

While the eagerly-anticipated clash remains in limbo, one thing's sure: the wrestling world continues to buzz with what-ifs, and the door remains ajar for McGuinness should he lace up those boots again. With the SEO allure of AEW, Danielson, and McGuinness, this story is bound to be a mainstay in wrestling news feeds worldwide.

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