Matt Cardona Expresses Desire to Return to WWE

Independent circuit sees Cardona face unexpected challenge in Brooklyn.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Cardona Expresses Desire to Return to WWE
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After showcasing his prowess in the independent wrestling circuit, former WWE star Matt Cardona has publicly voiced his inclination to return to WWE. Famously termed the "Death Match King" and "The Indy God", Cardona made headlines when he took to social media, urging the ex-WWE CEO Vince McMahon to reconnect.

Speaking candidly after a GCW event in Brooklyn, Cardona said, "Everyone's curious about the life of the 'Death Match King', 'The Indy God' As you might see, it's pouring down. I just wrapped up the GCW event in Brooklyn. I'm on my way, hoping my car hasn't been towed amidst this downpour.

I've got to get back to New York. Vince, it's time we talk!" He tweeted, "Enough of this Indy BS. I need to return to New York…" marking a clear intent to revisit his earlier days with WWE.

Cardona's GCW Setback

Cardona showcased his wrestling prowess at Sunday's "Crushed Up" GCW event, and the evening witnessed Cardona, along with wrestling counterparts Steph De Lander and Blake Christian, facing a defeat at the hands of Masha Slamovich, Akira, and Jimmy Lloyd.

Despite such setbacks, Cardona's legacy isn't just confined to WWE. He's a reigning champion in several independent wrestling promotions, notably House of Glory Wrestling and DDT Pro Wrestling. There have been previous indications of Cardona's aspirations to return to WWE, yet he emphasizes the wish not to be merely an addition to the roster.

His aspirations might be fueled further considering the recent WWE success of his wife, Chelsea Green. Green marked a commendable comeback with the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble match. Soon after, she partnered with Sonya Deville to clinch the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions title during the July episode of "WWE Raw." Following an unforeseen injury to Deville, Piper Niven stepped in, now reigning as the tag team champion with Green.

This public call from Cardona indeed leaves fans in suspense, eager to see if the WWE universe will witness the return of the "Death Match King."

Matt Cardona