Mike Chioda Discusses WWE's Big Stadium Ambitions


Mike Chioda Discusses WWE's Big Stadium Ambitions
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The allure and magic of WrestleMania, WWE's crowning event, have traditionally been magnified by its iconic stadium setting. This setting, designed to house as many wrestling enthusiasts as possible, is now fast becoming the gold standard for WWE’s other marquee events.

This year alone saw blockbuster events like SummerSlam, Money In The Bank, and the Royal Rumble take center stage in massive stadiums spanning cities from Detroit to London and even San Antonio. In the not-so-distant past, arenas were WWE's go-to venue for such pivotal events.

However, the current momentum points toward a different trajectory. The wrestling world sat up and took note when Mike Chioda, the respected former WWE referee, addressed this evolution on his "Monday Mailbag" show.

Chioda's Stadium Insight

Chioda opined, "I can't visualize WWE reverting to the intimacy of a small arena.

The brand is soaring, and the aspiration is clear — to emulate the vast spectacle akin to the Super Bowl. To pack stadiums and provide that monumental atmosphere, that's where the vision lies." Interestingly, WWE's top brass has been echoing similar sentiments.

Just last year, WWE CEO Nick Khan intimated that there was an organizational push to host more Premium Live Events (PLEs) in sprawling stadiums. Following WrestleMania, events like Clash At The Castle and SummerSlam didn't just adhere to this vision but amplified it.

The message from WWE's strategy is lucid — stadium shows are the future, and this shift is not a passing trend but a concerted strategy for the foreseeable future. As WWE continues to expand its horizons and push boundaries, the days of smaller arenas for premium events might just be a cherished memory.

The future, it seems, is vast, loud, and housed in stadiums. And for fans, it promises an experience nothing short of epic.

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