Road Dogg Working Full-Time at NXT

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Road Dogg Working Full-Time at NXT

Recently, the WWE was hit by a wave of superstars and officials asking for their releases. The WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world and the best people of the professional wrestling industry work for the WWE.

It is therefore, very difficult to get to the top of the WWE. Most officials and superstars feel disregarded. Many WWE superstars talk about it almost every single day on social media. The WWE is simply too big for its own good!

In fact, many famous indie wrestlers refuse to join the company, because they believe that the company might ruin their careers. That is one of the reasons why Cody Rhodes left the WWE and went on to form All Elite Wrestling.

It was reported that Road Dogg quit his position as co-lead writer of SmackDown live. He is a former member of Degeneration X and one of the best writers that the industry currently has. He is also a WWE Hall of Famer. According to PWInsider, Road Dogg is now working full-time on NXT.

The WWE has not spoken about his role yet so we do not know about it. Road Dogg also appeared on the WWE PC Combine which will be shown on the WWE Network. Reports suggest that Road Dogg was frustrated at Vince McMahon, as Vince made changes to the TV scripts that limited his creativity.