Road Dogg: Triple H WWE's 'Moral Compass

Inside Insights from Brian James on WWE's Evolution.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg: Triple H WWE's 'Moral Compass
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Brian James, better known as "Road Dogg," recently shared glowing praise for his longtime friend and former D-Generation X comrade, Triple H, during an episode of "Oh You Didn't Know?" This week's discussion revolved around the evolution of Triple H from a charismatic wrestler to a prominent figure in the corporate landscape of WWE.

James affectionately referred to Triple H as "the moral compass" of the WWE, shedding light on his invaluable role within the Stamford-based promotion. When queried about whether Triple H had transitioned from the jovial persona he once portrayed during his wrestling days to a more business-oriented individual since donning suits and ties, James offered a comprehensive perspective.

According to James, Triple H seamlessly balances both facets of his personality. He stated, "It's both. He's the one that can balance the two. He's the moral compass that balances how much it is that I do." James emphasized that while they can gauge the atmosphere and adapt accordingly, humor and camaraderie remain integral parts of their interactions.

James on Triple H's Leadership

Recalling a significant conversation with Triple H, James delved into the moment when he assumed the role of WWE's Senior VP of Live Events last year. At that juncture, Triple H had become the primary decision-maker in WWE's creative department, replacing Vince McMahon.

James expressed unwavering faith in Triple H's ability to lead WWE into the future. He recounted Triple H's advice, stating, "He's like, 'Don't be afraid to ever ask me something, but also don't get upset if I tell you no.'

And I've been told 'no' a bunch of times [since then]. He's very good at letting you know where the line is — without being offensive whatsoever. That's part of his magic, too, his [ability] to manage humans." In this insightful conversation, Brian James shed light on the multifaceted nature of Triple H's role in WWE, portraying him as not only a capable businessman but also as the moral compass guiding the organization through its various endeavors.

Triple H's ability to strike a balance between seriousness and humor while effectively managing human interactions cements his reputation as an indispensable figure within WWE's leadership.

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