Tiffany Stratton Applauds Lynch & Stratus Cage Match

Intense Cage Match Reverberates Through WWE Universe.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tiffany Stratton Applauds Lynch & Stratus Cage Match
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In a culmination of a months-long feud that had the WWE Universe on edge, Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch clashed inside the unforgiving steel cage at WWE Payback. Lynch's determination to make this match "as brutal as possible" set the tone for an electrifying opening contest that left Stratus defeated and sporting a prominent bruise on her forehead as a testament to the sheer intensity of their encounter.

Ringside, "NXT" Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton bore witness to this thrilling spectacle and couldn't help but be a fervent admirer. Stratton shared her awe about the monumental showdown, saying, "Honestly, that match was insane.

That was one of the best cage matches of all time. Every time I thought it would end, it didn't. They got me. I just thought it was an amazing match. It was so cool to see in person and hear the crowd; it was wild. And I hope to have a moment like that one day."

Nostalgic Moves Elevate Showdown

In the heat of battle, Stratus and Lynch paid homage to WWE history by incorporating moves made famous by Victoria and Lita in the promotion's first-ever women's cage match back in 2003.

Lynch executed the Twist of Fate, a move reminiscent of her former tag team partner Lita, while Stratus unleashed the Widow's Peak, a maneuver once mastered by Victoria. These nods to their predecessors added a layer of nostalgia to the already explosive showdown.

But Stratton's involvement went beyond mere spectating. A backstage confrontation between her and Lynch hinted at an intriguing future development. This encounter was strategically set to fuel anticipation for the upcoming episode of "WWE NXT." In the forthcoming episode, Lynch will seize the chance to vie for the coveted "NXT" Women's Championship, aiming to unseat Stratton from her championship reign.

The clash between Stratus and Lynch at WWE Payback was unforgettable, leaving fans and fellow WWE superstars in awe. With Lynch now eyeing the "NXT" Women's Championship, the wrestling world is excited, eager to see what's in store for these dynamic athletes in the next chapter of their rivalry.

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates this next chapter, it's safe to say that the fierce competition and unrelenting passion displayed by all involved will be etched into the annals of WWE history.

Tiffany Stratton