Kevin Nash believes CM Punk returning to WWE has no benefits

Kevin Nash's Frank Assessment of CM Punk's WWE Return Speculations

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Nash believes CM Punk returning to WWE has no benefits
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In a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash made some candid remarks regarding the possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE, shedding light on his skepticism and reservations about such a reunion.

Nash addressed the rumors circulating about CM Punk's desire to make a WWE comeback, particularly in the 2023 Royal Rumble. Nash's response was laced with a touch of sarcasm, suggesting that he would eagerly participate in the event if Punk were to return, all while playfully referring to Punk's physique.

Furthermore, Nash expressed his doubt about the idea of CM Punk returning to WWE for Survivor Series, slated for Chicago in November. Nash believes that, given WWE's recent mega-sale, there's no compelling reason for Punk to make a comeback and disrupt the tranquility of the company.

Punk's Controversial Persona

He delved into the memorable exchange between CM Punk and Triple H, emphasizing how Punk's persona had often courted controversy. Nash also likened Punk's positioning to that of the Ultimate Warrior, implying that Punk's return might not bring the upside some fans hope for.

Nash didn't shy away from acknowledging AEW's success, particularly their achievement of filling Wembley Stadium with an impressive audience. However, he expressed disappointment that this accomplishment was overshadowed by the drama surrounding CM Punk, and he lamented that the focus shifted away from the stellar card and matches that night.

As the conversation unfolded, Nash couldn't help but comment on Punk's physique, ranking it among the least impressive to have held a championship belt. He noted that, regardless of one's personal lifestyle choices, there are naturally gifted athletes with more muscular physiques.

This candid conversation between Kevin Nash and his podcast co-hosts sheds light on the complexities and controversies surrounding the potential return of CM Punk to WWE. While Nash acknowledges AEW's achievements, he remains skeptical about the impact Punk's return might have on the wrestling landscape.

Ultimately, the question of whether Punk will indeed make a sensational return to WWE remains unanswered, but Nash's perspective certainly adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing speculation within the wrestling community.

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