Jade Cargill shares her acting dreams


Jade Cargill shares her acting dreams
Jade Cargill shares her acting dreams © KING_ TRON/Youtube

On the recent episode of AEW Collision in Cleveland, wrestling fans witnessed a dramatic turn of events that could potentially reshape the landscape of the TBS Title division. Kris Statlander successfully defended her TBS Title against Robyn Renegade, only to fall victim to a post-match assault by Robyn and her sister, Charlette.

The unexpected attack took a thrilling twist when Jade Cargill, who had previously held the TBS Title, made her long-awaited return to AEW TV for the first time since losing the championship to Statlander at Double or Nothing in May.

In a shocking turn of events, Cargill stormed the ring, asserting her dominance by unleashing a ferocious assault on both Renegade Twins. However, she didn't stop there; Cargill also took Statlander to task, delivering a powerful Jaded slam.

It was a clear statement of intent – Jade Cargill is on a mission to reclaim her TBS Title. Prior to losing her championship, Jade Cargill enjoyed a historic reign, establishing herself as the longest-reigning TBS Champion in AEW history.

Her reign spanned an impressive 508 days, commencing on January 5, 2022, and concluding on May 28, 2023. Cargill's dominance was seemingly unchallenged, boasting an impeccable 60-0 record until her fateful encounter with Statlander, a surprise opponent who emerged shortly after Cargill had vanquished Taya Valkyrie in a previous match.

Acting Ambitions

Beyond her aspirations in the wrestling world, Jade Cargill harbors ambitions of expanding her career into acting, with a particular desire to join the prestigious Marvel universe. She expressed her passion for acting, saying, "After I become a great [wrestler], I want to segue into acting.

I really want to be in Marvel." Currently, she is dipping her toes into the world of acting, recently featuring in a French Montana music video as part of her journey to explore diverse roles. Cargill's dream role in the Marvel universe is none other than Storm, a character renowned for her strength, confidence, and weather-controlling abilities.

She draws a parallel between her wrestling persona and Storm, stating, "I'm a strong black woman, and I take no crap from anyone. I know myself, and I control the weather. When I'm in the ring, I control the audience." Her passion and determination are evident as she eagerly extends an invitation to Marvel, expressing her fervent desire to embody the iconic character of Storm.

As Jade Cargill continues to make waves in both the wrestling and entertainment realms, her journey promises to be one filled with excitement and limitless potential. Wrestling fans and movie enthusiasts alike will be keenly watching as she endeavors to conquer new horizons and, perhaps, fulfill her dream of becoming a Marvel superhero.

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