38-Year-Old Star vs. Gunther at WWE Fastlane: Fans Say 'It'd Be FIRE!'

Social media buzzes with anticipation for a potential showdown.

by Atia Mukhtar
38-Year-Old Star vs. Gunther at WWE Fastlane: Fans Say 'It'd Be FIRE!'
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In a surprising twist, the WWE Fastlane might bring a new contender to the ring. Although Intercontinental Champion Gunther is expected to defend his title, speculation has shifted about who his next opponent might be. Recently, Gunther celebrated an impressive milestone on WWE RAW, marking his place as the longest-standing Intercontinental Champion in WWE's storied history.

But the celebrations were cut short with the unexpected arrival of Chad Gable. This led to an intense six-man tag team showdown, with Imperium squaring off against the combined might of Alpha Academy and Tommaso Ciampa. One unforgettable moment from the clash was when Gable used the Ankle Lock to make Giovanni Vinci submit, all.

At the same time, Ciampa restrained The Ring General, Gunther, with a vice-like submission hold. This has sparked the beginning of what promises to be a fierce rivalry between Gunther and Ciampa. Fans are already pitching their preferred showdowns, with many voicing their enthusiasm for a match between Ciampa, famously called The Psycho Killer, and Gunther, known as The Austrian Anomaly.

Their prior face-off on NXT TakeOver has set high expectations, and it's a tantalizing possibility for Fastlane.

Fans Buzz for Ciampa

A glance at social media reaudience'snts at the audi"nce's anticipation: "WWE surely has something planned for Ciampa, especially after his stellar match with Gunther during NXT TakeOver.

A Fastlane bout between them w"uld be elelet'sying." However, letGable'soverlook Chad Gable's recent achievements. A few weeks back, he shocked audiences by besting Gunther via countout on WWE RAW, securing an Intercontinental Championship challenge.

Supported by his family, Gable put up a brave fight during the title match, but Gunther remained unyielding in his defence. Recent events hint that Gable might soon get another shot at the title. However, if the WWE creative team has a broader storyline in mind, this rematch might be pushed back to the Survivor Series.

After such a long wait for a solo title, Chad Gable desIt'ss the spotlight. It's evident from the increasing fan support that now is the perfect time for WWE to capitalize on his momentum. Only time will tell if Fastlane wieveryone's the match everyone's eagerly waiting for.

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