Bully Ray: WWE Can Boost Raquel's Babyface Status

An unexpected turn unfolds on WWE's emotional night.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray: WWE Can Boost Raquel's Babyface Status
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On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the harrowing 9/11 terrorist attacks, WWE's Monday Night Raw strikes a melancholy chord. Many lives were tragically lost in those attacks, including the father of WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, an unfortunate victim at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Amidst this backdrop of poignant remembrance, wrestling analyst Bully Ray sees a unique storytelling opportunity for WWE, which, if leveraged correctly, could elevate both Zelina Vega and Raquel Rodriguez, the WWE Women's World Championship's top contender.

Discussing his vision on the famous "Busted Open Radio" show, Ray painted a touching scene: a quiet moment in the women's locker room. Zelina Vega, clad in her everyday attire, holds a cherished photograph of her father. Enter Raquel Rodriguez, and with genuine emotion, she suggests, "It would mean more to you tonight than it would for me.

You take my shot tonight." Ray suggests this gesture by Rodriguez would honour Vega's connection to 9/11 and magnify Rodriguez's standing as a compassionate figure in the WWE universe.

Rodriguez's Heartfelt Gesture

Building on this narrative, Ray envisions Raquel making a passionate plea to WWE official Adam Pearce, asserting the profundity of granting Zelina this opportunity, particularly on such a significant day.

"Rodriguez's gesture makes her a bigger babyface," Ray pointed out, "since she offers her title shot to Vega on this emotional night." This move, he believes, not only sends the fans home with warmth in their hearts but also retains the allure of the reigning champion, Rhea Ripley.

Ray reminisced about a specific WWE creative tactic, likening it to an old proverbial 'banana peel' In his sketched finale, he foresees Rhea Ripley getting caught off-guard by this 'banana peel' Vega, channelling the grief and memories of her father, seizes this brief moment, rolling up Ripley for a stunning three-count pin.

And while Ripley might showcase a powerful knockout post the count, for that fleeting week, Zelina Vega holds the championship, a tribute to her enduring spirit and her father's memory.

Bully Ray