Matt Riddle Absent After JFK Incident; WWE Events Impacted


Matt Riddle Absent After JFK Incident; WWE Events Impacted
Matt Riddle Absent After JFK Incident; WWE Events Impacted © Highspots Wrestling Network/YouTube

WWE superstar Matt Riddle's recent encounter at JFK Airport has stunned fans and colleagues, according to an update by PW Insider. Due to this incident, Riddle will not be gracing the ring in this week's edition of Raw. Additionally, fans in Idaho and Washington might be disappointed, as the superstar is also ruled out from the forthcoming weekend's house show events in these states.

The incident that led to this unexpected hiatus revolves around a startling claim made by Riddle. The former U.S. Champion detailed an unsettling experience in a now-removed Instagram post. He wrote, "Experiencing sexual assault by an officer and facing harassment at JFK Airport was unlike anything I've encountered.

Despite my friendly demeanour, it doesn't signify consent. Today's incident was extraordinarily distressing, marked by intentional efforts to demean and embarrass me. This tops my list of disconcerting travel experiences. NYC, your 'progressiveness and acceptance' was sorely missed."

Riddle's Airport Encounter

The backdrop to this post is even more concerning.

Port Authority officers were reportedly called to the scene due to complaints about a disorderly individual alighting from a flight. Riddle was the person they met upon arrival at the terminal. Interestingly, no official police report was lodged concerning the incident.

Even though Riddle appeared embarrassed, he was allowed to depart without any hindrance. Only after this did he shed light on the alleged sexual misconduct via social media, sparking a subsequent investigation. In the wake of this distressing episode, Riddle took to social media again to express his eagerness to put distance between himself and JFK, stating his wish never to return.

The incident has undoubtedly shaken the wrestling community, and with an ongoing investigation, all eyes are on what the subseRiddle'seps might be. With Riddle's absence from upcoming WWE events, it is clear that the situation has taken a significant toll on the athlete. Readers and WWE enthusiasts are urged to watch for further updates on this unfolding story.

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