Kevin Nash Clarifies No Beef with CM Punk; Reveals Why He Talks About Him

Amidst wrestling's ever-evolving dynamics, Nash recalls a missed bout.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Nash Clarifies No Beef with CM Punk; Reveals Why He Talks About Him
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In a recent development surrounding the world of wrestling, Kevin Nash, the legendary WWE icon, voiced his sentiments about the unexpected firing of CM Punk by AEW. Flashing back to a promo over a decade ago, Nash had humorously likened Punk to a "short-order Waffle House cook." The comment was so spicy that Nash even felt the need to tender an apology to Waffle House recently.

In addition to this cheeky remark, Nash insinuated that Punk's wrestling future might be confined mainly to his acting stints on the show "Heels." Yet, amidst this whirlwind of words, Nash clarifies that there's no real animosity between the two.

On his popular podcast, "Kliq This," he quipped, "I got no heat with this guy. I'm just playing around. Given Punk's recent firing, we might as well maximize the chatter around it. We garnered 75,000 hits from just one mention!" Sean Oliver, Nash's co-host, joined in on the jest, suggesting they could potentially ride the wave of this controversy throughout their podcasting journey, capitalizing on the enigmatic aura of CM Punk.

Nash Suggests WWE's Punk Return

Kevin Nash, never one to hold back, went on to nudge WWE to consider re-introducing Punk at the upcoming Royal Rumble. Fans might remember the much-anticipated match between Nash and Punk slated for WWE's Night of Champions 2011.

Unfortunately, due to Nash encountering some genuine health setbacks, the bout never came to pass. Instead, Triple H (aka "The Game") filled the gap, taking on the "Second City Saint." When Nash bounced back from his health setbacks, he sought to rekindle his feud with Punk.

However, destiny had other plans, and Nash found himself clashing with Triple H in a nail-biting Sledgehammer Ladder match during that year's TLC event. Interestingly, the last time fans witnessed Nash in a full-fledged singles match was at the Legends Of Wrestling Entertainment event in early 2016.

For WWE enthusiasts and followers of these wrestling titans, these unfolding narratives only add more zest to the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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