WWE's Zoey Stark Expresses Awe on Discovering She'd Team Up with Trish Stratus


WWE's Zoey Stark Expresses Awe on Discovering She'd Team Up with Trish Stratus
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In a dramatic twist at WWE Payback, Zoey Stark stunned the world when she blindsided her mentor, Trish Stratus, with her signature Z-360 move. Yet, the enormity of working with a WWE Hall Of Famer like Stratus was not lost on Stark.

MSN and Google News delve into this transformative experience and the trajectory it set for Stark's rising wrestling career. When Zoey Stark initially transitioned to WWE's main roster, it was under the guidance of none other than Trish Stratus.

Stark reminisced about that defining moment in a candid interview with Sports Illustrated. "The day I learned about our partnership remains etched in my memory," Stark revealed. "I was with my husband, headed to Whole Foods after a workout.

It was then that the call came in. My heart skipped a beat upon hearing I'd be paired with Trish. It was the moment I'd been tirelessly working towards. The sheer joy my husband and I felt was palpable."

Zoey Stark's Main Roster Rise

Their professional entanglement debuted at WWE's Night Of Champions.

At the time, Stark had just earned her promotion to the main roster via the draft. Quickly, she became instrumental in shaping the narrative of the Stratus-Becky Lynch rivalry, gaining substantial television exposure and multiple in-ring assignments.

More than just her professional accomplishments with Stratus, Stark also praised her mentor's personal qualities. She lauded Stratus as someone genuinely invested in uplifting those around her. While the behind-the-scenes mentoring Stratus offered remains Stark's personal experience, it is undeniable that from an audience's standpoint, Stark's association with the legendary Stratus skyrocketed her stature in WWE.

Following the WWE Payback spectacle, speculations are rife about what lies ahead for Stark. With Stratus seemingly incapacitated, the possibility of a high-stakes rematch looms. However, Stratus's immediate future in the ring remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, WWE has hinted at a budding alliance between Stark and Shayna Baszler, especially after the palpable mutual respect displayed in their recent one-on-one encounter. As WWE continues to unveil its narratives, one thing is sure: Zoey Stark's star is on a meteoric rise, and her association with icons like Trish Stratus only cements her legacy.

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