Rob Van Dam Reveals WWE's Character Change Suggestion; Hayes Mistook Him for Surfer


Rob Van Dam Reveals WWE's Character Change Suggestion; Hayes Mistook Him for Surfer
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Rob Van Dam (RVD), the legendary figure in professional wrestling, recently divulged the behind-the-scenes pressures he faced during his WWE tenure. Speaking on the "2 Scoops Of…" show, RVD reflected on his journey and the wrestling behemoth's repeated attempts to mould him into a persona that didn't resonate with him.

Rob Van Dam Battles WWE Conformity

Van Dam expressed, "Transitioning into the WWE fold was tough. While Vince McMahon didn't directly push me, I sensed others in the company nudging me towards certain changes." He candidly added, "Conformity was not in my DNA.

I battled that urge constantly. I felt like, at times, there were covert intentions to sideline me." This revered athlete's main contention lies in preserving the authenticity of his character. RVD has been a household name in wrestling for years, and he found it challenging when others dictated his persona's evolution.

He stated, "Imagine being known globally as RVD, and suddenly, scripts outline your thoughts, actions, and dialogues, penned by individuals who frankly didn't grasp the essence of Rob Van Dam. I've always been distinct, and that left many in a whirl of confusion." He shared A striking anecdote about Michael Hayes, one of WWE's long-standing figures.

"Hayes once remarked that he understood me, labelling me as a 'surfer dude'," RVD chuckled. "I had to correct him. I've never been a surfer. They even had reservations about my attire – particularly the airbrushing. But that was quintessentially RVD." Promo skills are vital in the wrestling industry.

The WWE did attempt to hone his promotional abilities, aiming to evoke a fiery side of RVD. But the Hall of Famer had a perspective rooted in calmness and inspiration. "WWE's playbook often leans towards anger," RVD mused. "But I firmly believe in not letting rage dominate.

There's a sea of angry characters out there. My message? Be different. Stay composed. Even when the world doesn't quite understand you." As this revelation sheds light on the intricacies of character development in the wrestling world, fans worldwide resonate with Van Dam's sentiment - Stay true to oneself, even under the brightest spotlights.

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