Why Bully Ray Believes WWE Chad Gable Must Triumph Over GUNTHER?


Why Bully Ray Believes WWE Chad Gable Must Triumph Over GUNTHER?
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The world of WWE is buzzing with anticipation, and a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio" has added more fuel to the fire. Veteran wrestler and radio co-host Bully Ray didn't mince words when discussing the escalating rivalry between Chad Gable of Alpha Academy and GUNTHER, the WWE Intercontinental Champion with a record reign.

Ray, ever the expert analyst, articulated his perspective on the pivotal moment during the September 11 "WWE Raw" episode. "When a babyface like Gable takes it upon himself to assure victory, especially invoking the divine, he's setting sky-high expectations," Ray opined.

"Words like 'guarantee' already carry weight, but when you add 'I swear to god' to the mix takes the commitment to another dimension. Gable must meet these expectations, or he risks turning heel in the eyes of fans."

Chad Gable's Unfinished Battle

Though Gable managed to clinch a win against GUNTHER earlier, the victory was somewhat hollow, being a count-out triumph, leaving the coveted title just out of his grasp.

With his seasoned insights, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation, and Bully Ray predicts this tension will culminate in a monumental clash at WrestleMania 40 in April 2024. This much-anticipated feud was traceable to September 4, when Gable, showcasing fierce determination, challenged the "Ring General" GUNTHER during a high-stakes title defence on "Raw." The stage seems set for an unforgettable wrestling saga.

Fast forward to this past Monday and Gable's momentum seems unstoppable. Teaming up with his Alpha Academy counterpart, Otis, and "NXT" Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, Gable showcased his prowess, leading his team to victory against Imperium.

The cherry on top? Gable masterfully applied the ankle lock, forcing Giovani Vinci to tap out. It's essential to recognize the gravity of Gable's journey. Since joining WWE in 2013, he's been renowned as a tag team maestro, with accolades including the "NXT" Tag Team, "SmackDown" Tag Team, and twice-held "Raw" Tag Team titles.

Yet, a singles title remains conspicuously absent from his impressive resume. If Bully Ray's predictions hold, WrestleMania 40 could mark Gable's monumental singles breakthrough.

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