Why Cathy Kelley Believes WWE Should Integrate Social Media into Storylines?


Why Cathy Kelley Believes WWE Should Integrate Social Media into Storylines?
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The narrative's depth and appeal are paramount in the ever-evolving realm of professional wrestling. With the meteoric rise of social media platforms, WWE's creative division has an untapped goldmine for innovation. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and, notably, TikTok serve as channels where fans consume content and can be instrumental in shaping the content they crave.

With her hands-on experience in the digital domain, Cathy Kelley champions this notion. Reflecting on her tenure in digital operations at WWE, Kelley observed, "Despite the vast hours we invest in television broadcasts, there's an expansive world of storytelling awaiting us on social media." During her candid conversation on "Out Of Character with Ryan Satin," she pinpointed TikTok as a platform rife with opportunities.

"It's almost tailor-made for crafting bite-sized, compelling narratives," Kelley remarked.

Cathy Kelley's Digital Insight

As she takes on her current role as a backstage announcer, Kelley's insight into the digital world remains sharp and informed.

Recognizing the vast influence WWE commands across various social media channels, coupled with the consistent and passionate interactions from fans, it becomes clear that these platforms offer invaluable opportunities. Thus, it's imperative for WWE to strategically utilize this potential, ensuring they reach and resonate with their global audience even more effectively.

Kelley opines, "There's a future where story arcs could very well originate from a digital exclusive." She acknowledges WWE's current efforts in leveraging platforms like Twitter for match setups and initiating rivalries.

"But," she adds, "the horizon of possibilities on social media is vast, and we're just scratching the surface." It's noteworthy that individual wrestlers have already demonstrated the potency of social media in personal branding.

Icons like MJF, Matt Cardona, and Karrion Kross stand as testaments to how effectively one can sculpt a character and foster fan engagement online. It's a method that, when deployed strategically, promises substantial dividends.

In sum, as WWE charts its course in an increasingly digital world, voices like Cathy Kelley underscore the need for a more harmonized integration of storylines across broadcast and social media landscapes. It's not just an opportunity; it's the future.

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