Ken Anderson Trains WWE's Tiffany Stratton And Gable Steveson

Wrestling's future reshaped under Anderson's expert guidance.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ken Anderson Trains WWE's Tiffany Stratton And Gable Steveson
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While Ken Anderson might be removed from the WWE limelight, his influence continues to shape the industry. As a former Money In The Bank champion, Anderson now plays a crucial role behind the scenes by grooming some of WWE's brightest up-and-comers.

One shining star from Anderson's mentorship is Tiffany Stratton. Directed to Anderson's wrestling school upon recommendation by Greg Gagne, many expected Stratton to start with the basics. Contrary to those expectations, she showcased immense talent and dedication.

Anderson reminisced about Stratton's commitment during his conversation on "The A2theK Wrestling Show." "She's obviously steeped in athleticism," Anderson remarked. "There were nights I'd find her honing her craft long after classes, even dedicating weekends for extra sessions.

Her hard work and dedication truly stood out."

Steveson's Proactive Pursuit

Another name echoing in WWE circles, courtesy of Anderson's training, is Gable Steveson. The dedication of the "WWE NXT" Women's Champion parallels that of Steveson.

Yet, while Stratton was a happy accident, Steveson proactively reached out to Anderson, indicating his serious intent. Recounting their initial interaction, Anderson said, "When Gable first walked in, despite being under a WWE contract and listed for Monday Night Raw for several months, he admitted to having zero wrestling knowledge." Anderson took him under his wing, starting from the basics.

He expressed hope that people wouldn't draw parallels between Steveson and legends like Kurt Angle, advocating for Steveson's unique journey. Anderson's insights offer a window into the dedication and hard work required to make a mark in the world of wrestling. With him guiding the way, both Stratton and Steveson are well on their path to etch their names in WWE history.

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