Shane McMahon's UFC Purchase Blocked by Vince McMahon

Dana White reveals past McMahon family UFC discussions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Shane McMahon's UFC Purchase Blocked by Vince McMahon
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Shane McMahon is no stranger to business intuition. With several successful ventures to his name, he has time and again showcased his acumen for identifying and capitalizing on future market trends. One such instance dates back to the early days of the UFC.

For those who've followed the UFC, it's known that the colossal combat sports entity had humble beginnings. Established in 1993, it faced numerous financial constraints, making its current success even more remarkable. Circa the beginning of the 21st century, Dana White, UFC's face, was in dire need of a buyer.

Though multiple offers fell through, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, close friends of White, eventually took the company under their wing for a mere $2 million. Yet, what's little known is Shane McMahon's interest in this acquisition.

Shane's UFC Ambitions

During a candid chat with Big Boy TV, Dana White divulged, "Shane McMahon, Vince's son, was keen on the UFC acquisition. Vince, however, saw things differently, stating, 'We're not diving into this.'

Vince had the power to either bench the UFC or let Shane steer its course." The video interview with White, accessible below, addresses this revelation around the 28-minute mark. The perception of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) then was drastically different, with it being a niche sport.

Vince, after careful consideration, declined Shane's proposal. Interestingly, in 2009, Shane approached Vince yet again, proposing an investment in the UFC. This too was denied. Fast forward to 2016, and the UFC witnessed a mega-deal, being acquired by the Endeavor Group for an astronomical $4.025 billion.

As for Shane's WWE presence, it's sporadic. His recent appearance at WrestleMania 39 ended with a quad injury. Although no longer a WWE mainstay, Shane is reportedly engrossed in his various business endeavors. Amidst the formation of TKO and swirling changes, rumors suggest a potential Shane comeback.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider commented on the speculation, stating, "From what I've gathered, I don’t foresee a return, especially before Endeavor's potential WWE acquisition."

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