Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins: Business Dominators


Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins: Business Dominators
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In a remarkable turn of events, Becky Lynch, the celebrated WWE superstar, clinched the NXT Women’s Championship on the latest edition of the show, which aired on September 12th. Her triumphant victory came at the expense of Tiffany Stratton, marking a historic moment in Lynch's illustrious career.

Stratton's decision to provoke Lynch and lure her back to the white and gold brand proved to be a decision she would soon regret. Following her hard-fought battle in the ring, Lynch shared her excitement during an exclusive backstage interview.

She expressed her joy at achieving a long-standing goal she had harbored for over a decade - becoming the NXT Women’s Champion. This win, her first in this particular championship category, underlined her unrelenting determination and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Dual Champions' Playful Banter

Lynch also took a moment to acknowledge her husband, Seth Rollins, who is no stranger to championship glory. She playfully referred to him as "The Grand Slam Man" and humorously coined the term "Becky Balboa." Their simultaneous championship status clearly delighted her, with Lynch emphasizing that they are collectively "controlling the business." In a reflective tone, she remarked, "I’ve had ‘become the NXT Women’s Champion’ on my goal list for the last 10, maybe 11 years, and it’s one of those things that you just like, 'Okay, I’m not in NXT, maybe it’s never gonna happen,' and then Tiffany had to just go running her mouth too much, and here we frickin’ are.

I can’t say nothing’s impossible no more." The power couple's success extends beyond their own relationship, as they are part of a select group of families with multiple WWE titleholders. Dominik Mysterio, alongside his Hall of Fame father, Rey Mysterio, currently holds championships in WWE, with Dominik as the NXT North American Champion and Rey as the US Title holder.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins' journey to this pinnacle of success in WWE has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their love story began in early 2019, culminating in an engagement later that same year. In December 2020, their daughter, Roux, was born, and in June 2021, they tied the knot.

Rollins himself recently secured the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions in May 2023. This dynamic couple's continued ascent in the wrestling world promises to be a captivating storyline for fans worldwide, and their dual championship status is a testament to their undeniable talent and dedication to "controlling the business."

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