CM Punk Returns at Survivor Series, Challenges Legend

Wrestling world abuzz with CM Punk's latest developments.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk Returns at Survivor Series, Challenges Legend
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The wrestling universe is buzzing with anticipation as whispers suggest CM Punk might make a sensational comeback at this year's Survivor Series. What's causing more excitement is that the event is set to occur in Chicago, the home of The Second City Saint.

Speculation runs wild about whether he could be challenging a WWE Hall of Famer upon his dramatic return. In a surprising turn of events, CM Punk found himself at odds with AEW, leading to his exit following an altercation with Jack Perry.

Furthermore, the backstage incident reportedly escalated to a level where Punk's behavior even intimidated AEW president, Tony Khan.

Punk's Uncertain Future

Punk's abrupt exit from AEW has ignited debates and speculation among wrestling aficionados.

The questions that linger include: Will Punk ever return to AEW? Does he intend to retire completely? Or, as the current rumors suggest, could we witness a thrilling WWE comeback after nearly a decade? If Punk does indeed grace the WWE ring during the Survivor Series, a face-off with WWE Hall of Famer Kane might be on the cards.

Notably, these two wrestlers have history; they teamed up in the late 2000s for a brief stint. Thus, a return could offer Punk an opportunity to confront the 56-year-old Kane, revisiting and concluding unfinished business. But Punk's past year hasn't been devoid of controversies.

Beyond the well-publicized disagreements with Jack Perry and other AEW luminaries, an incident post his AEW departure paints Punk in a different light. highlighted an incident from 2022 where Punk reportedly shared an uncomfortable moment with William Regal.

According to the site, Punk declined a handshake, going as far as labeling Regal as a 'stooge for Triple H' and expressing mistrust. This revelation drew criticism from the wrestling community. Dutch Mantell, a former WWE manager, voiced his disapproval, slamming Punk for his apparent disdain towards Regal.

Mantell described Punk's alleged behavior as both 'damning' and 'disrespectful' As the Survivor Series inches closer, fans worldwide wait with bated breath, eager to see if CM Punk will indeed step into the WWE ring once more. Whether for redemption or confrontation, Punk's potential return promises electrifying drama.

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