Cathy Kelley Grateful for Initial WWE Departure

Cathy Kelley's Inspiring Journey Beyond the WWE Spotlight.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cathy Kelley Grateful for Initial WWE Departure
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Cathy Kelley, a familiar face in the WWE universe, embarked on her journey with the organization between 2016 and 2020, making a triumphant return in October 2022 as a backstage interviewer for "WWE Raw" every Monday night.

While discussing her initial departure from WWE on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast, the 34-year-old shared profound insights into how her hiatus during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic transformed her perspective.

"At the time, I was genuinely upset about the world's situation and the abrupt pause in my career. Looking back, I can genuinely say I'm grateful for that pause," Kelley expressed thoughtfully. "I was racing at a breakneck pace, striving to prove myself in WWE, taking on any opportunity that came my way.

By the time I left, I was utterly burnt out. I needed to take a step back."

Empowering Self-Growth and Creativity

Cathy Kelley's departure from WWE afforded her the precious gift of time for personal and professional growth.

She reflected, "I took that time to learn new skills. I taught myself the art of screenwriting and penned a gripping horror screenplay. Collaborating with a friend, I even crafted a pilot for a potential future project that I hope the world will eventually get to see.

Furthermore, I honed various skills and dedicated time to nurturing my mental health, which had taken a toll." Her decision to leave WWE initially stemmed from a desire to explore new avenues. As a former AfterBUZZ TV panelist, Kelley sensed the allure of other opportunities while working with WWE.

However, she recognized that she needed a hiatus from the Stamford, Connecticut-based promotion to embark on this personal journey of self-discovery and development. Cathy Kelley's return to WWE in 2022 marked not only her reentry into the professional wrestling world but also the culmination of a transformative period of her life.

Her resilience, dedication, and newfound skills serve as an inspiration to those striving for personal and professional growth, showcasing the importance of taking a step back to move forward stronger and more focused than ever before.

Cathy Kelley