Cathy Kelley WWE Talks with Stephanie McMahon Revealed


Cathy Kelley WWE Talks with Stephanie McMahon Revealed
Cathy Kelley WWE Talks with Stephanie McMahon Revealed © WWE/YouTube

In an exclusive interview with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," Cathy Kelley, renowned WWE backstage interviewer, opened up about her recent conversation with Stephanie McMahon, offering insights into the potential roles discussed upon her return to the company last year.

This revelation has sent ripples of curiosity and excitement throughout the wrestling world. During the interview, Kelley shared that Stephanie McMahon had inquired about her interest in joining the commentary team upon her WWE comeback.

Kelley revealed that McMahon was keen on exploring her preferences and aspirations within the organization, whether that meant contributing to the writing team or resuming her role as a commentator. Kelley, however, expressed her reservations about stepping into the commentary booth, acknowledging the demanding nature of the job, and commending the seasoned Michael Cole for making it appear effortless.

Cathy's Diverse WWE Journey

Presently, Cathy Kelley's primary focus remains on her role as an interviewer on "WWE SmackDown." She affirmed her dedication to this role but hinted at an eagerness to immerse herself in potential storylines down the road.

Her aspirations go beyond the confines of WWE, as she disclosed her ambition to continue her writing endeavors during her downtime and explore opportunities in acting and hosting outside the wrestling realm. It's evident that Cathy Kelley has a multifaceted career on her radar, with a determination to expand her horizons while still maintaining a strong presence within WWE.

Cathy Kelley's WWE journey has been marked by its share of twists and turns. After her departure from the company in February 2020, where she had spent four impactful years, she sought creative pursuits beyond the squared circle.

However, the winds of change blew her back into the WWE universe in October 2022 when Triple H assumed the role of WWE's Chief Content Officer. This rekindled connection with WWE has left fans and industry insiders excited about the potential contributions Kelley may make in her latest chapter with the company.

Cathy Kelley's interview with Chris Van Vliet has shed light on her dynamic career choices within WWE and beyond. As fans eagerly await her next moves and possible involvement in storylines, one thing is clear: Cathy Kelley's presence in the wrestling world continues to be a source of intrigue and excitement.

Her journey is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the industry and the boundless opportunities it offers to passionate and talented individuals like herself.

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