Road Dogg Claims Superiority Over Young Bucks: 'Better Than Both


Road Dogg Claims Superiority Over Young Bucks: 'Better Than Both
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Road Dogg has caused a stir by claiming to be a better sports entertainer than Bret Hart and Adam Page. The “professionally provocative” WWE Hall of Famer has added two more names to his list.

Admiring Bucks' Success

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg was asked if he was a better sports entertainer than The Young Bucks, and his answer was yes, if for no other reason than to get the internet talking.

But one thing the WWE Hall of Famer wouldn’t do is personally attack the Jackson brothers, crediting them with being far more successful than he ever was: “I have to say no….you know what, I’m going to say ‘yes, I am better’ than both.

What I’m not going to say is that they are imperfect human beings and that they are bad at business. What they have done is far more successful than what I’ve ever done in this industry, and kudos to you, bros, for that.

“Now, you’re talking to the Road Dogg, and you’re asking if they are better; I go back to a time when I was a mark for myself, and I’m sure you two are too, and let’s be honest, there once was a time where the D-O-Double G wasn’t bad at what he did.

I was very humble; I felt (in that answer) while being braggadocious. “They are both talented individuals, good brothers. I’ve always heard they are good guys, and I would love them, but I haven’t spent enough time around them to know.

Two-prong answer: A, I’m better than them because I want the kickback on social media. Two, I gave them props for being way more successful than I have ever been. I feel I answered politically correct and professionally provocative”.

Matt, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page recently put pen to paper on new deals to remain in AEW for the next few years. Those deals were signed before CM Punk was involved in the incident that led to his firing by AEW at All In, with The Young Bucks debuted on the Punk-dominated Collision on the same day his release was announced.

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