Bryan Danielson Commends Ricky Starks & Big Bill, Reflects on Past Bouts


Bryan Danielson Commends Ricky Starks & Big Bill, Reflects on Past Bouts
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Bryan Danielson, famously known as "The American Dragon," recently shared candid insights with Sports Illustrated on two of AEW's rising stars, Ricky Starks and Big Bill.
With AEW securing a significant place in the wrestling scene, Danielson's views provide a closer look at the brand's potential future.

Starks' Wrestling Journey

Speaking about Ricky Starks, Danielson began by highlighting the wrestler's evolution. "Ricky has been teetering on the edge of a breakout for quite a while," Danielson commented. "The main reason he hasn't fully transitioned to a main event status is not his lack of skill, but perhaps the absence of consistent opportunities." Delving deeper, Danielson touched upon Starks' apparent frustration in his promos, a sentiment he resonated with earlier in his career.

"That very raw emotion he displays? It's palpable and real," Danielson noted. The strap match between the two at AEW All Out became a talking point. Danielson praised Starks for embracing the physicality of the bout, stating, "What draws me to pro wrestling is the real, tangible intensity of it.

I wondered if Ricky would resonate with such a physically demanding match." The genuine reactions and exchanges between the two wrestlers made the bout exceptionally memorable for Danielson. Transitioning to Big Bill, Danielson couldn't help but express his pride.

He recalled their 2018 bouts, remarking, "Our collaboration back then was noteworthy, but witnessing his growth since? It's impressive." Danielson praised Bill's personal development more than just his wrestling prowess, insinuating holistic growth in the wrestler's life and career.

"Watching Bill evolve not just as a wrestler but as a person fills me with immense pride," he revealed. Concluding his insights, Danielson eagerly anticipated upcoming bouts, particularly highlighting the potential face-off between Big Bill and Mox on Dynamite, which promises to be a spectacle.

With a redefined future for AEW and its stars, Danielson's words hint at an evolving landscape in the wrestling world. As fans keep a close watch, the journey of Starks and Big Bill promises to thrill, growth, and, more than anything, authentic wrestling entertainment.

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