Becky Lynch Propels NXT to Its Highest Viewer Ratings in 36 Months


Becky Lynch Propels NXT to Its Highest Viewer Ratings in 36 Months
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In a sensational uptick for "WWE NXT", the powerhouse wrestler Becky Lynch has played a pivotal role in driving the show's viewership to impressive peaks not witnessed in recent years. According to the latest analytics from *Wrestlenomics*, the episode featuring Becky aired Tuesday night amassed an average viewership of 850,000.

This constitutes a substantial 26% surge from the previous week's numbers. Remarkably, this was the highest viewership for the show since October 28, 2020. Diving deeper into the statistics, an astounding 335,000 viewers belong to the much-coveted 18-to-49 age demographic.

This translates to a 0.26 P18-49 rating. Notably, this is a massive 40% increase week-over-week, marking the peak for "NXT" since September 1, 2020.

Becky Lynch's Championship Triumph

The episode wasn't merely a play of impressive digits; it overflowed with riveting and electrifying bouts.

In a heart-stopping climax, Lynch emerged triumphant over Tiffany Stratton, firmly seizing the "NXT" Women's Championship. Detailed quarter-hour metrics from *Wrestlenomics* indicate a sharp uptick in the show's viewership, with an additional 200,000 enthusiasts tuning in during this pivotal match.

This momentum culminated in a jaw-dropping audience count of 1.06 million in the intense final eight minutes, well into the post-10 PM ET slot. The euphoria extended to the digital realm as well. By Wednesday, 5 PM ET, the clip chronicling Lynch's monumental victory on WWE's official YouTube channel registered close to 400,000 views.

In comparison, this was threefold the views garnered by the following highest clip from the same episode. With such an outstanding performance, Tuesday's "NXT" is a formidable challenger for a same-week TV ratings triumph over its rival "AEW Dynamite".

For context, the previous "Dynamite" episode attracted an average viewership of 887,000, with 409,000 from the P18-49 demographic. It's also worth noting that "NXT" has been on an upward trajectory thanks to a recent influx of talent from WWE's main roster.

This includes members of the illustrious group, The Judgment Day. The captivating Dominik Mysterio remains a mainstay, especially after clinching the "NXT" North American Championship a few weeks back.

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