Jade Cargill Potentially Shifts from AEW to WWE; Last AEW Bout Concluded?


Jade Cargill Potentially Shifts from AEW to WWE; Last AEW Bout Concluded?
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JadeIn a twist that left fans in disbelief, Jade Cargill's recent return to AEW during the "Collision" episode might be a brief curtain call. *Fightful Select* recently shed light on whispers suggesting Cargill's imminent departure from AEW, with an anticipated move to the WWE.

Sources intimate that Cargill's farewell match for AEW could have already been captured. She squared off against Kris Statlander in a bout for the TBS Championship, scheduled for telecast during "AEW Rampage" this Friday. Eyebrows were raised when AEW touted the Cargill vs.

Statlander 2 match, marking a rematch following Cargill's solitary loss. The contest, revealing Statlander's clean win over Cargill, might have been the strategic play to set the stage for Cargill's exit.

Jade Cargill's Uncertain Path

However, *Fightful* maintains a cautious approach, unable to ascertain concrete details like the exact expiration date of Cargill's AEW contract or if a formal WWE proposal has been tabled.

Yet, the whispers are undeniable. The prevailing chatter amongst insiders from both WWE and AEW indicates Cargill's potential WWE trajectory. Considering this week's "Rampage", Jade Cargill has showcased her wrestling prowess in 64 matches over her flourishing two-and-a-half-year journey, all under the AEW banner.

Should *Fightful*'s insights bear fruit, Cargill would etch her name as the second prominent AEW talent to transition from Tony Khan's dynamic "challenger brand" to the more established realm helmed by Vince McMahon and, recently, Ari Emanuel.

This shift is noteworthy since Cargill is a testament to AEW's capacity to nurture homegrown stars. Drawing parallels, the wrestling community would remember AEW's first significant departure in 2022, when Cody Rhodes dramatically returned to the WWE stage at WrestleMania 38.

The global wrestling community is enthusiastic as Cargill's career trajectory stands poised at a significant crossroads. Fans, commentators, and fellow wrestlers await her next move, speculating on potential storylines, alliances, and rivalries.

Her path could reshape the wrestling landscape, underscoring her influence and further cementing her legacy. Each turn, each decision adds to the suspense, making her journey a captivating saga in the annals of professional wrestling.

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