Kevin Sullivan Predicts Backlash for Cody Rhodes After WrestleMania Victory

Sullivan underscores the nuances of championship timing in WWE.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kevin Sullivan Predicts Backlash for Cody Rhodes After WrestleMania Victory
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When the dust settled at WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes was left without the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, failing in his pursuit to unseat the reigning titan, Roman Reigns. This outcome drew a wave of criticism from the wrestling community, particularly as many fans and even betting experts had confidently placed Rhodes as the favorite to win.

Given the overwhelming anticipation surrounding "The American Nightmare" and his expected victory, the result left many in shock. Yet, as the age-old saying goes, "patience is a virtue." Cody Rhodes is poised to leverage this loss, potentially setting the stage for a more impactful showdown with Reigns, possibly at WrestleMania 40.

On a recent episode of "Tuesday with Taskmaster," Kevin Sullivan, a seasoned WCW booker, weighed in on the situation, endorsing WWE's strategy of delaying Rhodes' big win. Sullivan began by emphasizing the inevitable: "Cody has to win the belt." However, timing is of the essence.

Timing Over Triumph

Drawing a hypothetical scenario, Sullivan pointed out the potential pitfalls of a premature victory for Rhodes. "Imagine if Cody had secured the title immediately after Sami Zayn's loss at the Elimination Chamber.

It could've backfired, with fans potentially pointing fingers, questioning why Rhodes received the championship honor when others, like Zayn, had put in years of hard work," Sullivan commented. Drawing parallels with Rhodes' lineage, he elaborated, "Much like his father, Cody must first elevate the heels, face challenges, and build anticipation before his crowning moment." Commending WWE's strategy, Sullivan lauded the decision to grant Rhodes a win in his rivalry against Brock Lesnar.

This decisive victory has painted Rhodes as a credible adversary for Reigns, preparing the ground for an even more electrifying rematch. Summarizing the intricate dynamics of WWE's storytelling, Sullivan noted, "WWE is navigating this narrative masterfully.

And looking ahead to WrestleMania 40, it could be Cody's time to shine. As with any great tale, it's not about instantly satisfying the audience but building a craving that makes the eventual payoff unforgettable."

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