Seth Rollins Celebrates Becky Lynch's NXT Women's Title Win

Becky Lynch's NXT move signals a transformative era.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins Celebrates Becky Lynch's NXT Women's Title Win
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Seth Rollins couldn't contain his elation after witnessing his spouse, Becky Lynch, secure her legacy as a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. Earlier this week, she clinched the elusive "NXT" Women's Championship, the only title that had remained out of her grasp thus far.

However, as much as the night was about "The Man," Rollins also had words of high praise for the emerging talent, Tiffany Stratton. Speaking on "WWE's The Bump," an animated Rollins exclaimed, "What a phenomenal showdown!" He continued, "Tiffany Stratton may be the underdog for some, but boy, did she deliver!

Her spirit and performance as a champion were second to none. It was a spectacle to watch them battle it out, with the deserving victor emerging. The house is now echoing with championship vibes again, and it feels absolutely surreal." Diving deeper into the match's dynamics, Rollins pointed out the significant impact of having an imminent "Hall of Famer" like Lynch tangle in the ring with someone as fresh as Stratton.

With merely two years under her belt since her wrestling debut, Stratton showcased prowess and potential that left many in awe.

Rollins Hails NXT's Future

Rollins further emphasized, "This isn't just about one match. It's about setting the tone for WWE's future.

Becky's presence in 'NXT' will undoubtedly be a learning curve for the rookies. They're getting a chance to spar with the best, and I can only imagine how this will elevate the women's division." Enthusiastically, he added, "With Becky’s unparalleled skills, NXT is in for an unforgettable era.

I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting to see the wonders she'll weave there." However, fans might wonder about Lynch's appearances. Even though there are hints at her making consistent "NXT" appearances, she remains a pivotal figure on the "WWE Raw" roster.

This dual responsibility is reminiscent of Charlotte Flair's stint in 2021, when she held the "NXT" Women's Championship but also featured prominently on main roster events until her eventual title loss to IYO SKY during a riveting TakeOver event.

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