WWE Drops Two Stars From Company


WWE Drops Two Stars From Company
WWE Drops Two Stars From Company © SLN! Media Group/YouTube

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, it's not uncommon to witness transitions and roster shifts. Recent developments within WWE point towards one such notable transition. The celebrated tag team, The Dyad, consisting of Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid, have officially parted ways with WWE.

Several months ago, rumblings began to surface about The Dyad's possible exit. They had openly expressed their desire to be released from their contracts with the wrestling behemoth. However, WWE declined their request, leading them to see out the remainder of their contracts.

Even amidst this contractual turbulence, the company did not sideline them. Instead, WWE chose to leverage their talent and place them in a compelling storyline opposite the Creed Brothers, under the umbrella of The Scism faction.

Dyad's Undying Dedication

Throughout this period, the wrestling community keenly observed the trajectory of The Dyad. Their commitment to their performances, even when their hearts possibly yearned for a different path, showcased their sheer professionalism.

It's this dedication that has cemented their status as top-tier talent in the industry. Wrestling journalism stalwart, Dave Meltzer, recently highlighted The Dyad's departure on Wrestling Observer Radio. He confirmed that the duo is no longer associated with WWE.

Their contracts have run their course, and both parties have chosen not to renew. Curiously, there was an evident absence of any formal announcement or storyline conclusion about their exit on the latest NXT episode. While the precise reasons behind their exit are shrouded in mystery, there's no disputing The Dyad's formidable talent.

Like many luminaries before them who've departed from major wrestling circuits, Fowler and Reid's next move is a subject of intense speculation within the wrestling community. With their skill set and popularity, they could easily dominate in another major promotion.

Alternatively, the allure of the independent wrestling scene, where they could have more creative freedom, might be an attractive option. Their next chapter, no doubt, will be keenly observed by fans and peers alike.