Michael Cole and Renee Young comment WWE Crown Jewel

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Michael Cole and Renee Young comment WWE Crown Jewel

Despite the numerous controversies of the past few months, WWE Crown Jewel took place in Gedda (Saudi Arabia) last Friday in front of many fans. Renee Young and Michael Cole were interviewed by BBC Radio to talk about this topic, which also divided the WWE superstars forced to choose whether to participate or not.

Stars like John Cena and Daniel Bryan missed the show, while Randy Orton criticized their decision and took part in the first WWE World Cup. In the main event, Triple H and Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker and Kane.

"So Renee Young was the commentator in Saudi Arabia for [WWE] Crown Jewel. As we continue to make progress there, our hope one day is that we will have women Superstars battling it out as part of our events in Saudi Arabia," Michael Cole explained.

Renee Young: "One thing I will say that was very cool about that—as well is being a woman welcomed into Saudi Arabia, to step into the announce booth and be part of the broadcast—is how many men, women, children coming up to me, knowing that this was a big moment of change and that there is a demand and need for women to be performing in Saudi Arabia. So, [the Saudi people] are asking for it, certainly."