Sonny Kiss finds AEW release heartbreaking and struggled to get more TV time


Sonny Kiss finds AEW release heartbreaking and struggled to get more TV time
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In a recent interview with "Busted Open Radio," Sonny Kiss, who was among the first talents signed by AEW when the company was established in 2019, opened up about the heartbreak of being released from the promotion. This came after a period of being left off TV and lacking a clear creative direction within AEW, a trajectory that ultimately led to the unfortunate parting of ways.

"It's like a heartbreak," Kiss expressed, reflecting on the emotional toll of the release. "It's been a little rough because this is everything I've always wanted to do and it's a dream. I worked so hard. I worked tirelessly for this not to happen." Kiss had been determined to solidify her place as an integral member of the AEW locker room and had even gone to great lengths, including personally requesting to be part of TV tapings, all in the name of honing her skills under the guidance of her mentor, Dustin Rhodes.

However, her release left her disheartened and questioning her future.

Release Notice and Shock

"I got the call the last week of August, and honestly, it took a long time to settle in because I just was in shock. I wasn't expecting it," Kiss revealed.

She had contemplated the possibility as of late, given the apparent lack of plans for her character within AEW's creative direction. The call itself was straightforward, notifying her that AEW would not be renewing her contract.

Despite not receiving as much TV time as some of her peers, Sonny Kiss had garnered substantial respect and admiration within the AEW community. Dax Harwood, one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions, expressed his support for Kiss in a heartfelt message following news of her release.

"I can't wait to see what you do next in wrestling, but more importantly, in life," Harwood wrote. "Me and my family ADORE everything about you. Never stop fighting. I'll always be here for anything you need. I love you." Sonny Kiss's release from AEW marks a turning point in her wrestling journey, but her determination and passion for the sport remain unwavering, leaving fans and colleagues eager to see where her path leads next.

Her candid interview sheds light on the personal challenges faced by wrestlers in a competitive industry, and her resilience serves as an inspiration to all aspiring talents.