Bully Ray Anticipates GUNTHER's WWE Ascent

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Bully Ray Anticipates GUNTHER's WWE Ascent
Bully Ray Anticipates GUNTHER's WWE Ascent © Impact Wrestling/YouTube

Holding the title for the longest-ever reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER has solidified his position within the WWE realm. However, with this remarkable achievement under his belt, the pressing question that echoes throughout the wrestling community is, "What's next on the horizon for GUNTHER?" The wrestling community got a taste of what could be in store on the recent episode of "Busted Open." WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray, shed light on the subject, emphasizing his eagerness to see GUNTHER match up with certain WWE superstars who he deems are a notch above.

"I'm genuinely eager for when GUNTHER steps into the ring with those who've been considered superior," shared Ray. "Imagine the dynamics if we get a showdown between Brock [Lesnar] and GUNTHER. I'd advise GUNTHER to absorb every moment.

Think about a face-off between him and legends like Randy Orton or Edge. Right now, there aren't many who can challenge GUNTHER in a way that elevates him, but Seth [Rollins] is definitely one of them. Seth has undeniable prowess."

Ray's Championship Insights

Bully Ray believes that partnering with stalwarts like Lesnar, Orton, or Rollins could enhance GUNTHER's reputation, potentially adding an additional layer of prestige to the Intercontinental Championship.

On a tangential note, Ray also toyed with the tantalizing prospect of Chad Gable challenging and possibly dethroning GUNTHER for the championship, culminating in an epic climax at WrestleMania 40 slated for April 2024. As the buzz surrounding potential matchups builds, fans may remember that earlier in the year, GUNTHER had expressed a keen interest in facing Brock Lesnar, who topped his list of dream adversaries.

But dreams sometimes demand patience. Current chatter suggests Lesnar might be away from the limelight for the remainder of the year. Wrestling enthusiasts await with bated breath to see how GUNTHER's journey in WWE unfolds.

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