Legendary Duo's Triumphant WWE Return: First Win in 7 Years After New Deal


Legendary Duo's Triumphant WWE Return: First Win in 7 Years After New Deal
Legendary Duo's Triumphant WWE Return: First Win in 7 Years After New Deal © SLN! Media Group/YouTube

Wrestling fans were treated to a dose of nostalgia as WWE Hall of Famers, Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley, made their grand in-ring return after a hiatus of nearly seven years. This monumental moment occurred during IMPACT Wrestling's 1000th TV episode, an event already filled with title matches, illustrious returns, and a flood of memories for long-time followers.

The highpoint of the evening was undeniably the much-anticipated appearance of Team 3D. The last time fans witnessed the Dudleys together in the ring was back in 2016. Though many fondly remember them as the Dudley Boyz from their iconic ECW and WWE days, it's crucial to note that a significant chapter of their illustrious careers unfolded in IMPACT Wrestling under the banner of Team 3D.

Their opponents for the evening, the Desi Hit Squad, faced the might and charisma of the seasoned duo. Fans were electrified as the Dudleys pulled off their legendary 'WASSUP' routine, soon to be followed by the timeless call-to-action, "D-Von....Get the Tables!" The crowd's energy was palpable.

Dudleys Duo Dominant Finish

The climax of the match came as Ray and D-Von unleashed their renowned 3D finisher on Champagne Singh, ensuring their victory. But they weren't done. Post-match celebrations saw Rohit Raju being thrust through a table with the classic Dudley powerbomb, driving fans to an absolute frenzy.

Recently, in a candid conversation with Sports Illustrated, Bully Ray delved deep into the origins of their famed '3D' finisher. Recalling a move by Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio, Ray mused, "Malenko launched Mysterio into the ropes, resulting in a pop-up face bump.

This sparked a thought: 'What if, mid-air, you could spin the opponent and strike with a Diamond Cutter?' Testing it in ECW against D-Von, the results were astounding. It showcased D-Von's unmatched talent and we realized we had struck gold." With rumors swirling about the Dudley's recent legends contract with WWE, fans are buzzing with excitement.

The wrestling community waits with bated breath, hoping for another chance to see the legendary Dudleys grace the WWE ring once more.