Cody Rhodes' Kin Questions His PWI 500 Ranking

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Cody Rhodes' Kin Questions His PWI 500 Ranking
Cody Rhodes' Kin Questions His PWI 500 Ranking © WWE/YouTube

The wrestling universe is abuzz following the latest release of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's (PWI) esteemed annual list - the PWI 500. A list that meticulously ranks the top 500 wrestlers globally, this year's list brought with it a fair share of surprises and debates, but perhaps none more glaring than WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes' spot at number ten.

The PWI 500 is renowned in the wrestling world for its comprehensive evaluation of wrestlers from various promotions. This year saw Seth Rollins grabbing the prestigious number one position, followed by Roman Reigns, who, despite his unparalleled dominance, dropped to second place.

Jon Moxley, another former Shield member, secured his place at the third spot. But it is Cody Rhodes' placement that has stirred the pot, with none other than his sister, Teil Rhodes, voicing her dissatisfaction.

Teil's PWI Discontent

In a candid expression on social media, Teil seemed less than thrilled about her brother's spot.

“Do you know what time their stand-up set starts? Because these jokes,” she tweeted sarcastically. She further insinuated potential biases at PWI by suggesting, "Someone at PWI has a beef with someone in our family.

It’s really ugly on their end. So that’s why I care. They are fortunate some take the high road; otherwise, it's cancel-worthy." This has naturally sparked discussions and speculations amongst fans. In related news, Cody Rhodes, who recently challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39, came short of victory, leaving many fans frustrated.

This loss, especially with his undeniable momentum, was a talking point in a recent episode of "Tuesday with Taskmaster". Wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan weighed in, praising WWE's strategic move to not let Rhodes win to avoid potential backlash.

Citing Rhodes' victory over Brock Lesnar, Sullivan emphasized, "I think they're navigating this storyline perfectly. Come WrestleMania 40, it's Cody’s time." As the wrestling community waits in eager anticipation for WrestleMania 40, one thing is clear – Cody Rhodes remains at the epicenter of discussions, be it for rankings or championship runs.

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