Dominik Mysterio Push to Recruit Star for 'The Judgment Day' Angers Fans

Differing views emerge on Dominik's approach to Jey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Dominik Mysterio Push to Recruit Star for 'The Judgment Day' Angers Fans
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In a startling turn of events that has the WWE Universe divided, Dominik Mysterio has been unremittingly seeking to draft 38-year-old superstar, Jey Uso, into The Judgment Day faction. Jey's recent transition to RAW, following his bold move to superkick every member of The Bloodline and his sensational "quit" proclamation, has been nothing short of dramatic.

Yet, as the dust settles on this audacious move, Dominik's consistent advances on and off-screen, especially on social media, have been hard to miss. WWE Fox stirred the pot further, taking to their digital platforms, posing an intriguing question: "Can Dirty [Dominik Mysterio] persuade [Jey Uso] to rally with [The Judgment Day]?" They opened the floor to fans, and the reactions were fervently divided.

A glimpse at the comments on their Instagram post revealed a pronounced tilt against the idea of Jey joining The Judgment Day. A shared screenshot captures these impassioned fan sentiments. Elsewhere on Twitter, a die-hard Jey fan candidly expressed their stance: aligning with Dominik could risk the respect Uso has garnered over the years.

Teddy Long's Perspective

Yet, not everyone finds Dominik's proposition unwelcome. Teddy Long, for instance, expressed admiration for the young Mysterio's approach. During a recent segment on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine with host Mac Davis, Long recounted Dominik's heartfelt outreach to Jey on RAW.

He reminisced, "Dominik's earnest speech to Jey about understanding the pain of abandonment by family was a standout moment. It's fascinating to ponder if Jey might take this unexpected turn. I'm watching closely." The ball now rests in Jey Uso's court.

With fans on tenterhooks, the anticipation is palpable: will he ally with another group post-The Bloodline? All eyes are now on the Stamford-based wrestling conglomerate to unveil the next chapter in this riveting saga.

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