Will Ospreay Keeps Options Wide Open for Wrestling Future


Will Ospreay Keeps Options Wide Open for Wrestling Future
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In a recent interview, wrestling sensation Will Ospreay opened up about his evolving perspective on his wrestling future. Having spent a significant portion of his career in Japan, Ospreay expressed gratitude for the personal and professional growth he has experienced in the Land of the Rising Sun.

"This country (Japan) has been a part of my growth as an adult. It means a lot to me as well to see Callum (Newman) come to Japan as a 21-year-old boy and be an apprentice to the United Empire, learning the trade. I came here as a 22-year-old kid, and I've been able to grow here," Ospreay shared.

While emphasizing the pivotal role Japan has played in his journey, Ospreay also acknowledged that his priorities have shifted, now encompassing family responsibilities. This shift has led him to reconsider his career trajectory, not as a departure from Japan but as an exploration of broader opportunities.

"I'm not saying I'm moving on, but I need to do what's right for me, and when I say I'm open to all options, that doesn't mean I'm limited to anything, it means I'm open for everything," he explained.

Ospreay's Quest for Recognition

One of Ospreay's core aspirations is to garner not just increased monetary compensation but also greater recognition for his contributions to the wrestling world.

He questioned why he hasn't yet been thrust into the world title picture and advocated for increased respect and acknowledgment for the United Empire, a faction he's been an integral part of. "Our value has gone up, and our price has gone up.

I know I'm a top guy, but it needs to be more. More money, but more respect as well," Ospreay asserted. In a statement that may pique the curiosity of fans, Ospreay hinted at the possibility of a permanent tribute to his time in Japan by considering a tattoo of Ryogoku, a district that holds personal significance for him.

Will Ospreay's comments have undoubtedly raised speculation about the next chapter in his illustrious wrestling career. As he keeps his options open, wrestling enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await what lies ahead for this dynamic performer who has made an indelible mark on the sport.

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