Ken Anderson talks WWE firing and recent chat with Randy Orton

Wrestling Veterans Reflect on Turbulent WWE Years

by Noman Rasool
Ken Anderson talks WWE firing and recent chat with Randy Orton
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In a recent interview with "The A2theK Wrestling Show," Ken Anderson, better known as "Mr. Kennedy," opened up about his WWE departure in 2009 and his renewed relationship with fellow wrestler Randy Orton. This candid discussion sheds light on the events surrounding his exit from the wrestling giant and the evolving dynamics between the two athletes.

One of the key controversies during Anderson's WWE tenure was his release, which he initially attributed to Randy Orton's influence. Anderson claimed that Orton had complained to WWE management, asserting that "Mr. Kennedy" was reckless in the ring and had almost caused him a career-ending injury during a match.

Furthermore, Anderson suggested that Orton had urged John Cena to voice similar concerns to Vince McMahon, ultimately contributing to his dismissal from the company. Orton, on his part, criticized Anderson for failing to apologize after a dangerous in-ring incident and admitted that he refused to collaborate with him but denied any involvement in his firing.

However, after years of animosity, Anderson revealed that he and Orton have recently reconciled. He acknowledged his role in the tumultuous events of his WWE exit, stating, "I did talk to him, but let me say this: Nobody got me fired.

I got me fired." Anderson expressed his realization that his bitterness was misdirected and that he should have taken responsibility for his actions. He admitted to having made mistakes that didn't sit well with Vince McMahon, and the Orton incident was simply the tipping point.

Reconciliation and Transformation

Anderson also disclosed that he and Orton are now in different phases of their lives, hinting at a positive transformation in their relationship. He recalled a significant conversation with Orton during a WWE Raw event in Minneapolis a few years ago, describing it as a "very long, pretty cool discussion." This revelation by Ken Anderson not only provides insight into the behind-the-scenes drama of the WWE but also highlights the personal growth and reconciliation between two wrestling veterans.

Anderson's acknowledgment of his own role in his departure serves as a lesson in accountability and personal development, showing that even in the intense world of professional wrestling, bridges can be rebuilt.

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