Seth Rollins Reacts to Lynch's NXT Championship Victory

Lynch's victory resonates, shaking the NXT landscape.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Reacts to Lynch's NXT Championship Victory
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n the electrifying September 12th episode of WWE NXT, Becky Lynch achieved what many believed was a long overdue accolade. Lynch faced Tiffany Stratton in a scintillating match, capturing the NXT Women’s Championship and etching her name in wrestling lore as a Grand Slam Champion.

Seth Rollins, Lynch's husband and one of WWE’s top-tier talents, was effusive in his praise during his appearance on WWE's 'The Bump.' Showcasing the camaraderie prevalent within the wrestling community, Rollins not only lauded Lynch's monumental win but also extended due commendation to Stratton.

"Both athletes left it all in the ring," Rollins commented. “Tiffany Stratton certainly put up an admirable fight. That woman displayed why she was the champion, bringing fervor and passion to the bout. But, as fate would have it, the better woman prevailed.

Wrestling is as unpredictable as it is exhilarating."

Championship Duo Returns

The Rollins household is no stranger to gold, and with Lynch’s recent victory, they once again become WWE's power couple, brandishing championship titles.

"The ambiance in our home shifts when we both hold titles,” Rollins quipped, “We’re back to being WWE’s championship duo, and it's a sentiment hard to put into words." As for Lynch’s NXT reign, Rollins couldn’t contain his anticipation.

"With the variety of potential contenders in NXT, the wrestling community is in for a treat. I genuinely believe Becky's experience and prowess gives her an upper hand. I, for one, can't wait to witness what 'The Man' will usher in for NXT." This victory has not only boosted Becky Lynch's career trajectory but also significantly enhanced NXT’s viewership ratings.

Lynch, with her trademark wit, christened herself "Ratings Rebecca" on various social media platforms, highlighting the undeniable impact of her star power. Lynch’s NXT Women's Championship win, endorsed by both fans and fellow wrestlers, is sure to keep audiences riveted.

As WWE continues its trajectory in 2023, such moments reiterate the brand's unparalleled resonance with its global fanbase.

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