Chad Gable Daughter's Raw Tears Unscripted


Chad Gable Daughter's Raw Tears Unscripted
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In a candid interview on "After The Bell with Corey Graves," WWE Superstar Chad Gable delved into his recent trajectory in the ring, shedding light on his aspirations as a singles competitor and the unplanned, emotional moment his family shared during his IC Title match against GUNTHER on Raw.

Gable expressed fervently, "The label of 'Tag Team guy' doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I've made promises, expressed my readiness, and now it's time to deliver. If I fall short, they may never trust my words or ideas again." The feedback he received following the match with Gunther, both from fans and colleagues, only solidified his belief in his decision and direction.

For Gable, the acclaim from his peers is paramount, as it reaffirms his dedication and journey in the sport.

Gable's Persona Shift

Transitioning his in-ring persona, Gable highlighted the guidance he received from Hunter.

After a long stint as a heel, he's now adapting to his new underdog babyface persona. Gable noted, "There's a distinct change in strategy. As an underdog, it's about doing less to elicit sympathy. The audience doesn’t want to see me pulling off numerous fancy moves consistently." Perhaps the most touching segment of the interview revolved around his family's surprise presence during his Raw match.

"They were in the dark. Only at the last minute did they know about their attendance. Even the filming on the day was spontaneous," Gable mentioned. The real and raw emotion displayed by his eldest daughter, who was seen crying, underscored the profound impact of the match.

Gable added, "Even though she knows the ins and outs of what I do, watching her father in action stirred genuine emotions." Comparing his children's reactions, he humorously remarked about his middle daughter's disinterest, seemingly more concerned with her nachos.

Gable concluded, "The unplanned moments, like my daughter's tears, hold an unmatched value. They epitomize the authentic connections the WWE Universe cherishes." In a world of scripted events, it's these genuine moments that make wrestling an enduring spectacle. Gable's heartfelt words remind fans of the real emotions and stakes at play behind the curtains.

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