WWE Legend Teases Comeback Clash with Paul Wight


WWE Legend Teases Comeback Clash with Paul Wight
WWE Legend Teases Comeback Clash with Paul Wight © Too Sweet Gameplays/YouTube

Paul Wight, a wrestling veteran with over three decades of experience, has entertained millions of fans with his towering presence and in-ring prowess. The wrestling world knows him as the iconic "Big Show." Recently, Wight shared a side-splitting story involving WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, shedding light on the lighter side of wrestling camaraderie.

In an exclusive conversation with DAZN, Paul Wight unveiled an unforgettable prank orchestrated by none other than Bret Hart. The two legends found themselves on a tour bus, and what ensued was an hour-long comedic masterstroke.

Wight, ever the gracious host, had handed Bret the TV remote before retiring for the night, unwittingly setting the stage for Bret's mischievous antics. As Wight fondly recalled, Bret Hart hatched a hypothetical plan for a wrestling match between the two, even though Hart had long retired from active competition.

For an entire hour, Hart regaled Wight with elaborate details of the match's storyline, from its inception to the climactic finish. The finisher, as described by Hart, involved Wight tripping over the Canadian flag, leading to Hart's victory via a small package pin.

It was a rib, a classic wrestling prank, aimed at keeping Wight awake and amused. The climax of Bret's storytelling left Wight in stitches, with a playful threat to throw Hart off the bus.

Wrestling Brotherhood's Enduring Bonds

Paul Wight's recollection underscores Bret Hart's enduring charm and humor, showcasing that the wrestling fraternity's bonds extend beyond the squared circle.

Bret's innate storytelling ability and passion for the business continue to resonate with fans and peers alike. Beyond the amusing anecdote, it's worth noting that Paul Wight's name was embroiled in a PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) scandal nearly a decade ago.

Unearthed documents from the Biogenesis probe, known as "Operation Strikeout," included Wight's name alongside other notable athletes like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, who faced suspensions. Wight, who was wrestling under the moniker "The Big Show" at the time, retained attorney Edward Brennan, who vehemently denied any PED involvement on Wight's part.

Brennan affirmed that Wight had never received treatment from Bosch, the central figure in the scandal, and had never tested positive for PEDs. Moreover, Brennan underscored Wight's unwavering commitment to clean competition, given his underlying medical condition.

Paul Wight's stance on the PED scandal remains unaltered, with no public comment as of now. Wrestling enthusiasts and observers are keenly awaiting any updates or statements from the veteran wrestler. The multifaceted world of professional wrestling continues to blend humor, camaraderie, and controversy, making it an ever-evolving spectacle for fans worldwide.

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