Bayley Calls Out 41-Year-Old WWE Star After SmackDown


Bayley Calls Out 41-Year-Old WWE Star After SmackDown
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Recent episodes of WWE SmackDown have not been kind to Bayley, The Role Model. After facing several adversities, she made sure her voice was heard, especially following her latest bout on SmackDown. Last week's SmackDown had Bayley and IYO SKY challenging Charlotte Flair and Shotzi.

Mid-match, Asuka audaciously snatched SKY's WWE Women's Championship from Dakota Kai. This unexpected twist left Bayley and SKY distracted, which eventually led to their defeat. This past Friday, Bayley clashed with Asuka. Initially dominating the match, Bayley's momentum was abruptly halted when Shotzi made a surprise appearance, leading to another setback for the Damage CTRL's commander.

Asuka Taunts, Bayley Retorts

Soon after, Asuka flaunted her bravado on social media by showcasing herself donning one of her own merchandise tees. Bayley didn't hesitate to make her feelings known, retorting with a succinct and biting, "I f’n hate you." The growing animosity between Damage CTRL and Asuka suggests that WWE fans are in for an extended period of intense rivalry.

Moreover, Shotzi's escalating prominence hints she might lock horns with the brand's leading ladies in upcoming episodes. The rejuvenation of Damage CTRL is evident after IYO SKY’s monumental championship victory. Speculations suggest that WWE might be gearing up for some electrifying tag team battles featuring them.

With Dakota Kai sidelined, Damage CTRL finds itself a member short. Still, whispers are that The Captain of Team Kick might make a comeback sooner rather than later. In a candid conversation with WWE post her SmackDown loss, Bayley did not mince her words.

Referring to Asuka, Shotzi, and Charlotte Flair, she commented, "We assumed you were the heroes, the fan favorites. But the reality? You're the bullies. We, on the other hand, are the true heroes." Bayley's assertion of Damage CTRL being the real "good guys" adds another layer to this unfolding drama. Given the current trajectory, fans eagerly await the WWE creative team's next move in this riveting rivalry.

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