Mickie James Pushes for Lisa Marie Varon's Dual HOF Induction

Highlighting overlooked talents, James elevates women in wrestling's narrative.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mickie James Pushes for Lisa Marie Varon's Dual HOF Induction
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Mickie James, an iconic figure in professional wrestling, recently voiced her support for Lisa Marie Varon's induction into both the WWE and Impact Wrestling Halls of Fame. She shared her sentiments during a segment on the “Battleground Podcast”.

Lisa Marie Varon, familiar to hardcore wrestling aficionados as "Victoria" in WWE and "Tara" in Impact Wrestling, has etched her name in the annals of wrestling history through her riveting performances and notable contributions.

Varon's Ring Mastery

Mickie James' endorsement of Varon is rooted in a deep respect for her colleague's unmatched dedication and talents. Varon has consistently displayed unparalleled finesse and dynamism inside the ring, capturing the imagination of audiences around the globe 🌍.

Every match saw Varon showcase grit and determination, qualities that James, a former Women’s Champion for both wrestling franchises, deeply admires. James' call to honor Varon signals a growing recognition of female wrestlers in domains traditionally overshadowed by their male peers.

This move promotes Varon's name alongside other legendary icons like Trish Stratus and Lita, emphasizing the need for equal acknowledgment of accomplishments in the sport. As the wrestling community waits with bated breath, there's no certainty on when or if we'll witness Varon joining the esteemed ranks of legends like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan in the Halls of Fame.

However, the message is clear: advocates like James are stepping up, championing the cause for outstanding contributors like Varon who have played pivotal roles in sculpting the contemporary wrestling landscape. The ball is now in WWE & Impact Wrestling's court, as they mull over James’ impassioned call to action, a sentiment echoing the sentiments of countless who've followed Varon's illustrious career.

Whether or not Varon receives her rightful place soon, her indelible mark on the sport is irrefutable, serving as an inspiration to emerging talents. The growing acknowledgment of women in wrestling has been overdue, and James' rallying behind Varon is a progressive stride in this direction.

With increasing voices joining this crusade, the path to equal recognition in these venerable institutions seems promising, ensuring legends, irrespective of gender, receive their due.

Mickie James