Booker T Reveals The Dyad, Ex-Grizzled Young Veterans, Exit WWE.

NXT's landscape shifts as notable wrestlers make unexpected moves.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Reveals The Dyad, Ex-Grizzled Young Veterans, Exit WWE.
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Two celebrated wrestling figures, Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, have made waves in the wrestling world with their recent departure from WWE. This dynamic duo, fondly recognized by the WWE Universe as The Dyad (and earlier as the Grizzled Young Veterans), have been instrumental figures in the wrestling arena.

The journey to their exit started months ago when Reid and Fowler expressed their desire to be released from WWE in April. However, the wrestling behemoth didn't accede to their request immediately. Their departure is not only a significant shift in the WWE's roster dynamics but also sends ripples across the professional wrestling community.

Booker T Reveals Exit

Booker T, a respected figure and NXT commentator, brought the news of their departure to the forefront. On his widely listened-to podcast, "The Hall of Fame," he disclosed the recent changes. The topic came up after an intriguing NXT episode wherein Joe Gacy and Ava of The Schism subtly suggested The Dyad's exit from their team.

In a deeper conversation about Jade Cargill's rumoured considerations of migrating from AEW to WWE, Booker T elaborated on The Dyad’s departure. He voiced, “The Dyad, two outstanding talents, have taken their leave from WWE.

Instead of prolonging their association, they opted out as their contracts concluded. Their next step? Well, that’s still under wraps. Possibilities include emerging in AEW or returning to their roots in the U.K. I have always held Reid and Fowler in high esteem.

Their era as the Young, Grizzled Veterans was indeed remarkable. Their exit leaves a void that I find hard to come to terms with”. While fans knew them primarily as James Drake and Zack Gibson, many anticipated a grand exit storyline in NXT for the duo.

Contrary to expectations, their departure was subtly referenced by Gacy and Ava's allusion to a 'dying tree' and their decision to 'stand-alone.' The wrestling fraternity is now abuzz with theories and speculations about The Dyad's forthcoming plans.

Their indelible mark on WWE is undeniable, and as the next chapter of their illustrious journey unfolds, fans worldwide are on tenterhooks, anticipating their next move.

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