Cody Rhodes Praises Bruce Prichard as an Enduring Industry Genius


Cody Rhodes Praises Bruce Prichard as an Enduring Industry Genius
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In a recent appearance on the Dale Jr Download, WWE superstar Cody Rhodes offered effusive praise for industry veteran Bruce Prichard, affirming Prichard's enduring status as a wrestling genius. Their shared history dates back to Rhodes' early days in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he considered Prichard a pivotal figure in his career development.

Rhodes reminisced about the pivotal role Prichard played during his time in OVW, emphasizing that Prichard was not merely a backstage presence but a creative genius who could translate ideas into wrestling gold. As Vince McMahon's trusted right-hand man, Prichard's insights carried significant weight in shaping the WWE landscape.

"In OVW, the one that I needed to impress the most was a man named Bruce Prichard," Rhodes stated emphatically. "He is a genius, remains a genius in the industry, and he was Vince’s right hand."

Prichard's Mentorship Impact

The American Nightmare went on to highlight Prichard's ability to understand and connect with young talents.

Prichard's recognition of Cody's potential went beyond familial ties to Dusty Rhodes, Cody's legendary father. Rather than merely extending a favor to his dad, Prichard invested in Cody's development, steering him towards success in the world of professional wrestling.

Rhodes also shared a touching anecdote about a personal moment he shared with Prichard following his WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns. He insisted on walking up the main ramp to face the massive audience and take responsibility for his defeat, and it was in this vulnerable moment that Prichard, a figure of immense importance in Cody's journey, emerged.

They exchanged words, forging a connection that Cody deeply cherishes. Reflecting on this encounter, Cody expressed his desire to revisit such moments with Prichard in the future, underscoring how Prichard's influence had become increasingly evident as he matured in the industry.

"Bruce has been a big part of my career that I didn’t realize was a big part of my career until I got older," Rhodes mused. As Cody Rhodes continues to make waves in the wrestling world, his deep respect and admiration for Bruce Prichard serve as a testament to the enduring impact of wrestling luminaries on the next generation of talent.

In an industry defined by mentorship and evolution, this connection remains a poignant reminder of the past and a beacon for the future.

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