Corey Graves: Voice of Steelers' In-Game Intros This Season

Corey Graves amplifies Pittsburgh Steelers' game day experience.

by Noman Rasool
Corey Graves: Voice of Steelers' In-Game Intros This Season
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Corey Graves, the accomplished WWE commentator, played a prominent role at the recent NFL clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers. During this electrifying game, Graves had the honor of leading Steeler Nation in the cherished Terrible Towel Twirl, a beloved tradition that symbolizes the unyielding support of Steelers fans.

However, the excitement didn't end there. Corey Graves, in a recent episode of his widely followed "After The Bell" podcast, disclosed a thrilling revelation that has set the Steelers' faithful abuzz with anticipation. Graves has been designated as the official voice for the in-game introductions at every Pittsburgh Steelers home game throughout the current NFL season.

Corey's Towel Twirl

The Pittsburgh Steelers' home games are typically inaugurated with the spirited Terrible Towel Twirl, where over 60,000 fans unite in waving their iconic towels in unison. Graves, with immense pride and enthusiasm, led this iconic ritual at the beginning of the season, setting the stage for the thrilling football battles to come.

Yet, his involvement extends even further. As the narrator for this season's in-game introductions, Corey Graves will be the first voice to resonate through the stadium's speakers as the clock ticks down to kickoff. His voice will resonate with a resounding "Here we go," ushering in the excitement and anticipation for each home game.

For Corey Graves, a native of Pittsburgh and an ardent lifelong Steelers fan, this opportunity holds profound personal significance. Collaborations between WWE and the NFL, such as the introduction of the new championship legacy titles, have strengthened the bond between these two sports entities.

Graves' unique position as the Steelers' in-game narrator allows him to manifest this remarkable synergy right in his hometown, creating an unforgettable connection between his professional career and his deep-rooted love for the city of Pittsburgh.

As this partnership between WWE and the NFL continues to evolve, Corey Graves' presence on the field and in the announcer's booth serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of Pittsburgh and the powerful bond between sports and entertainment.

Steelers fans can look forward to an electrifying season with Corey Graves as the distinctive voice that ignites their game day excitement.

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